How to Capture ‘em

  • Create a quick account.
  • Go outside and detect monsters in your area. Walk around to move your net over a monster on the map to catch ‘em!
  • Set your sights on the next monster and go get ‘em! Repeat this step to rid the world of monsters!
Screenshot of the Monster Cache App Map page

Remaining Nets

One net per monster. Go to the Store to buy more nets!

Your Vision

You will only be able to see Monsters within this circle.

Show/Hide Found

Show or hide monsters that you’ve caught.
Screenshot of the Leaderboard pagee


Worldwide rankings! Where will you rank as a monster catcher?
Screenshot of the Leaderboard pagee

Stockpile Supply

All the nets and tools you need to catch monsters, right in the app!
Screenshot of the Leaderboard pagee

Your Very Own Profile

A home for all you monsters and badges. Track your levels and more!