Questions & Answers

  1. Is Monster Cache still active?

    No, Monster Cache is no longer active. The questions and answers below are from when Monster Cache was active.

  2. I drove right over a monster. Why didn't I catch it?

    Its exceptionally difficult (but not impossible) to catch a monster from a moving car. But if you're trying, then someone other than the driver should be the one playing Monster Cache. Please don't drive and use your mobile device at the same time.

  3. I walked to a monster's location and I stood with the net right over it. Why didn't I catch the monster?

    Not all monsters are as easily caught as others. You may have to wait a bit, like maybe up to 30 seconds.

  4. Why aren't there many/any monsters in my neighborhood?

    Consider yourself lucky if your neighborhood is free of monsters! And don't worry, if they aren't hanging out near your house, they're somewhere close. Try where you work. You'll also find more once you advance a level or two.

  5. Are these binoculars working?

    The binoculars work by zooming your map out further by default so that your view circle covers more area, and therefore detects more monsters. You can double check that you've purchased the binoculars by going to the Store tab in the application and make sure it says "YOU BOUGHT IT" next to the binoculars.

  6. Where can I get a T-Shirt?


    You can buy some fantastic Monster Cache shirts and other awesome monster protection gear at Cafe Press

  7. There's a monster in the middle of private property that I can't get on. What should I do?

    You should either make friends with the owners and ask permission to hunt monsters on their property, or just leave that monster alone.

  8. There's a monster in the middle of an inaccessbile area. What should I do?

    Obviously, what's inaccessible to you is not inaccessible to monsters. That monster must be very agile. Perhaps you should leave it alone, it may be dangerous.

    Really, don't get yourself hurt. There are plenty of monsters out there, so if one is inaccessible, just move on.

  9. I've caught a ton of monsters since the last time I advanced a level. Why aren't I advancing again to the next level?

    To advance to the next level, you have to catch monsters of your current level. So if you're level 4, you can only advance to level 5 by catching a certain number of level 4 monsters.

  10. In what countries can I play Monster Cache?

    Right now, monsters have spread as far as the contiguous 48 United States and Hawaii, and many Western European countries. Wouldn't surprise us if a few eventually make it on a boat to somewhere else though.

  11. Can I buy more monster coins online?

    You can buy more coins on your mobile device from the Store page in Monster Cache, or buy them here using the security of PayPal. First you need to login, then click on Get More Coins